General Information

General Information about your holiday home

Dear guests,

Please note the following information:

  1. Deposit

When you receive the keys to your accommodation, please hand over the specified deposit in cash. You will be refunded the deposit upon departure as long as all additional costs have been settled (see item 6) and the holiday property has been handed over in a clean and proper condition. If you leave early or outside of the regular departure times (8 a.m. – 10 a.m.), the deposit will be refunded to you within two weeks. Please leave your bank details for this purpose.

  1. Inventory

We ask you to consider future guests and treat all furnishings and equipment with care. The blankets and mattress protectors available in the house are part of the bed linen and are not a substitute for bed sheets. Please do not use them as beach towels, sun lounger cushions, playmats for babies and toddlers, or mats for pets. Beds may not be used without bed linen or with sleeping bags. Please do not change the preset television programmes, as otherwise you may be charged the costs for resetting.

  1. Waste disposal

The local waste collection does not always collect waste from directly in front of the holiday home, but rather from a designated collection point at the back of the house. Please bring any waste you may have to this collection point and consider recycling. The landlord will have more details available.

  1. Sanitary facilities

Please do not dispose of any waste, sanitary towels or nappies in the toilet. If possible, do not use extra-strong toilet paper or chemical cleaning products. Please try not to put hair and sand down the shower drain. Please make sure that the bathrooms are well ventilated so that the condensation can dry as quickly as possible in order to prevent the formation of mould.

  1. Maximum number of persons

Please note that the house may only be occupied by the maximum number of persons indicated in the catalogue and confirmed in your documents. The maximum number of persons also includes children. The landlord is not obliged to accept additional persons. If the landlord does accept additional persons out of good will, he/she is entitled to demand the additional proportion of the rental price as well as any additional costs.

  1. Additional costs

When you receive the keys, please pay the specified additional costs. Consumption-based additional costs are to be settled upon departure. The additional costs are indicated in the accommodation description in your documents, and are also settled for children.

  1. Damages

If you cause any damages, please consider future guests and inform the landlord immediately by your own accord. Minor issues can generally be taken care of quickly on site. For more serious issues, you should inform the landlord.

  1. Water

During dryer times of the year, water shortages may occur in some regions and the local authorities may set restrictions. We therefore ask you to use water economically. Car washing is prohibited.

  1. Open fire

In the case of drought and high temperatures, the risk of wildfire increases. Open fire outdoors is strictly prohibited. Please abide by the regulations of the local authorities.

  1. Theft prevention

Please always ensure that you close all windows and doors properly when leaving the house. Do not leave any items visible in an unattended vehicle.

  1. Final cleaning

Even if you have booked and paid for final cleaning, we ask you to sweep the accommodation before leaving. Please wash the dishes (and/or empty the dishwasher), clean the kitchen and toilet, and dispose of waste.

If you carry out the final cleaning yourselves, please clean thoroughly (especially in the kitchen and sanitary areas), dispose of waste, wash the dishes and tidy, otherwise part of your deposit may not be refunded.

Michael & Majella Prendergast
Killure House