History and Heritage

Kilkenny Castle

Built in the twelfth century, Kilkenny Castle is set right on the banks of the River Nore and is the jewel in the crown of the enchanting medieval city of Kilkenny.  Kilkenny Castle was the principal seat of the earls, marquesses and dukes for almost 600 years. Visitors can choose to explore the ancestral home with either a self guided visit or a guided tour. The visit of the Castle includes the dining room, Victorian nursery and the picture gallery with its hand painted hammer beam roof. [20 kms]

Kilkenny Castle Parkland

An incredible 21 hectares of land attached to the Castle provides the ideal spot for a picnic.  The park also has woodland walks with plenty of benches!   [20 kms]

Butler Gallery

Another of Kilkenny’s most iconic and historic locations can be found at the Butler Gallery, located in the Evans House.  Built in 1818, this property was originally the site of a 12th Century Augustinian priory and later the Anglican church of St John Evans.  [20 kms]

The Medieval Mile Museum

Immerge yourself in 800 years of history and this museum and learn all about Kilkenny’s stories.  Tours have been described as “legendary’, ‘a must-visit’ on your travels and all include a complimentary Audio-Guide that you can download straight to your mobile. [20 kms]

Rothe House, Kilkenny

A visit to Rothe House is high on the list of things to do and one of Ireland’s true hidden gems.  This unique Tudor merchant’s townhouse was built between 1594 and 1610 and the property comprises of three houses, three enclosed courtyards and a large garden to the rear.  Wander and explore at your leisure, view the magnificent architecture, step through cobbled courtyards and take in the relaxed atmosphere of the extensive garden. [20 kms]

Shankill Castle

This historic house is a “Queen Anne gem with a medieval tower house at its heart.”  Take an ‘Upstairs/Downstairs’ guided tour of the house, led by a member of the current residents, the Cope family.  Visit the ‘upstairs’ rooms – the hall, dining room, ante room and drawing room and discover where the family would have entertained, before taking a behind-the-scenes look at the ‘downstairs’ rooms, the backbone of the house.  Discover how this magnificent house would have been run in the past. [6 kms]

Rock of Cashel, Tipperary

Set on a dramatic outcrop of limestone in the Golden Vale, the Rock of Cashel is iconic in its historic significance.  It offers the most impressive cluster of medieval buildings and among the moments to be found is a round tower, a high cross, a Romanesque chapel, a Gothic cathedral, an abbey, The Hall of Vicars Choral and a fifteenth-century Tower House. [80 kms]

Note: Distance shown is from Killure Cottages.
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